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Services include:

Audio Post Production:

Sweetening to the picture. Our specialties are documentaries but we will not discriminate against any project, any size. From the simple mix to 5.1 surround mix. Everything is mastered to the spec.

ADR: Automatic Dialogue Replacement. Mostly for film work. We are equipped with monitor inside the booth for accurate syncing.

VO recording: You know, talk to the mic. We have phone patch for remote listening of the session over the phone.

Music: Extensive library (over 600 CDs) Some to fit any budget. Also custom music can be arranged for those projects that need something special.

Too many SFX libraries to list here. If it makes sound we have it.

Just call 303-832-8665 and ask us.



600 Ogden Street

Denver, CO 80218

(303) 832-8665

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